Marjory Milligan

Originally from the Isle of Bute, Scotland, I started knitting before I was old enough to go to school. My mother taught me to knit, embroider, needlepoint and sew. My father, who was an artist, tried valiantly to teach me to paint.

I married Tom and lived in California while he spent 6 years in the US Navy on board the USS Midway. When he was discharged we moved to Brunswick, Maine and I took up rug making and he returned to Bowdoin to complete his degree. Upon graduation we moved to Holliston MA. I obtained my BS in Accounting and passed the CPA exam. My left brain, the analytical side, had taken complete control by this time.

Eventually, Tom and I moved to Bedford VA where I have remained for the past 30 years. I spent 10 years as costumer for Little Town Players in Bedford, VA. After I retired the first time, I volunteered and eventually was employed at Bower Center for the Arts. While there, I took art, and drawing classes. I also took Mosaic classes from Dotti Stone and found a medium that satisfied both the analytical and creative sides of my personality.

For the past five years, I have created mosaic pieces in between the hours of work. In April this year, I retired for a second time and am now able to devote my time to creative, artistic expression for the first time in my life.

Brandane is a person who is a native of the Isle of Bute, so I have adopted that name for my website and business name.

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