Dotti Stone

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The timeless beauty and versatility of ancient mosaics and the ease with which it integrates into modern society is what attracted Stone to this medium. Creating mosaics and inspiring others to enjoy, appreciate and learn about this versatile art through exhibiting and teaching is her passion.

Dotti studied art at Richmond Professional Institute (now VCU, Richmond VA) and  graduated in 1965. She was a professional photographer for many years in the Washington DC area.   In the late 70s/early 80s, as owner/designer of Great Falls Stained Glass in Northern VA, she created residential and commissioned work and taught classes.

Stone took up mosaics in 2004 in Northern VA. She relocated to Wirtz VA in 2007 and operated a home studio; and in 2009 opened a studio in Bower Center for the Arts. She moved to Bedford VA in 2010 to be near the Center, the studio, and to be part of its growing arts community.

In 2015 she and several other mosaic artists formed BRAMA, Blue Ridge Area Mosaic Artists. The group meets bimonthly, exhibits mosaics and works on community mosaic projects.

Stone creates fine art panels and sculptural works for exhibits and commissions, and teaches mosaics   classes to adults, and to youth in Bower’s summer arts camp and after school programs. Stone exhibits widely in the area, in national exhibits, and in 2013 teamed up with mosaic artist Stephen Brailo to present exhibits that combine his traditional classical style and her contemporary approach.

“Most rewarding is seeing what my students create, their excitement over the different materials and colors, learning various techniques and their applications, and developing an appreciation for mosaics. Mosaic art is one of the oldest art forms and creating and exhibiting them to inspire others to enjoy, appreciate, and learn about this versatile and tactile form of art is important and satisfying.”

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